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« Portrait of a Fighter : Sylvie Bouchard

On 22 April, the first meeting with the expert first patient of the Red Cross ! The expert patient is a person suffering from a chronic disease, which over time has developed a strong knowledge of his own illness , to draw expertise . This expertise , however, is not scientific but after the experience of the disease and its symptoms everyday. Supported by the medical team, he managed to gain autonomy in managing their disease. The expert patient is a patient who exceeds his case to help other patients better manage their lives with the disease. It acts as reinforcement of the medical team on a voluntary basis .  » Who better than a sick patient can understand ?  » This is the case of Sylvie Bouchard, who after a serious bicycle accident occurred in 1993, has faced intense physical pain and irreversible damage .

Directed in 2003 to the Medico – Surgical Rehabilitation Center of Clubs, run by the French Red Cross since 2010 , Sylvie follows the advice of Dr. Chaléat – Valayer : rependre , despite the pain , physical activities . With great courage and tenacity, Sylvie decides to follow a daily training pool, which after three long years , allowing him to regain walking. Meet its outstanding progress , Dr. Sylvie Chaléat – Valayer invites patient to become expert in chronic low back pain C.MC.R. Massues . In January 2013, Sylvie adheres to the French Red Cross. The following summer , she managed e-learning his degree Therapeutic Education for Chronic Disease at the University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI . Sylvie knows the vital role of expert patients and their assistance to patients who had renounced heal. Too generously , it also proposes to animate Lyon in the coming months the first meeting and awareness to all stakeholders and Red Cross structures concerned. So , little by little , develop expert patients in the network of the French Red Cross … Thanks and congratulations to her! This briefing on the  » expert patient  » for employees and Red Cross volunteers will be held at the WCAR Clubs, Tuesday, 22 April 17 at 19h , in conference room . To register : @ corinne.doncque cross – rouge.fr or 06 76 79 65 62 Find Sylvie Bouchard also through the report that France has devoted 3. »

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